“With media and society painting the picture of women as gold diggers and accessories for powerful men, I created iGoalDig to show that there are women who are creating great businesses and succeeding in their own right,” says Chiara, founder of iGoalDig.


iGoalDig was founded in 2012 by Chiara “Ki” Graham. The brand was originally created as a tshirt line that featured catchy phrases and quotes to empower women who consider themselves as “Boss Chicks.” Shortly after launching the brand, Chiara was receiving an overwhelming amount of feedback from supporters of the brand. That is when she knew that she needed to offer more than just shirts to her customers, they wanted more. “I started getting emails from different young women from around the country who actually thought that not only was my brand appealing, but they wanted to know how I got started and/or how could I help them,” says Chiara. Responding to the emails in attempts to help coach these young ladies aspiring to be business owners was good but it wasn’t good enough, Chiara wanted to get hands on. Workshops, seminars, panels, and networking events began to come into play for the brand as well as one on one success coaching from Chiara herself. iGoalDig is a growing brand that was simply created to empower female entrepreneurs and provide a platform to enhance their business.


Chiara is a full time entrepreneur that specializes in the financial services industry and success coaching. Chiara has a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies with a specialization in Corporate Management and currently obtaining my Masters in Organizational Management (Business).  Having a strong passion for making a difference and positively influencing the lives of others. Chiara offers multiple services and levels of expertise in various industries. I currently Co-own and operate a financial services company, Graham Financial Mall, and I am also a Realtor in the state of Georgia. My company, iGoalDig, was my stepping stone to helping others become an entrepreneur and tap into their passion.

One thing about me is that I do not limit myself to anything and I encourage others to do the same. Having multiple streams of income is an absolute MUST and I want to be able to assist others in creating the same lifestyle. I look forward to servicing  and creating strong relationships with all I do business with. Thanks for visiting me!